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Friday, November 09, 2007

Worcester Data Records

The Office of the City Clerk of Worcester has made some data record searches available online. It is for some birth dates, marriage dates, death dates, business certificates and dog licenses.

Go to the City of Worcester homepage and click on "City Clerk" on the left. Then click on "Data Records Search."

Birth Records Search has dates for any birth that occurred within the city limits of Worcester, MA between 1899 and the present time. Enter only the first and last name. It will not work if you put in a middle initial. If there is more than one person with that name it will list their full names to make it easier to find your person.

Marriage Record Search will show dates of marriages that took place on an intention of Marriage filed at Worcester City Hall since February, 1980. You only need one person's name, but read the instructions because which name in which field makes a difference.

Death Records Search will get dates for any person whose death occurred within the city limits of Worcester, MA and for any Worcester resident who passed away in any other Massachusetts community between 1978 and the present. Only last name and first name needed.

Business Certificate Record Search is for any active DBA.

Dog License Record Search is for any active dog license. You may search with license number, street name and house number, or owner's last name.

This may come in handy when patrons are doing genealogy or want an obituary but do not have exact date of death.

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