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Friday, November 09, 2007

Some holiday questions

When do you start displaying your books for the December holidays? I usually start the day after Thanksgiving. Do you think I' m jumping the gun or being too slow.

The other problem I have is coverage. I have plenty on the religious and secular aspects of Christmas; enough on Hanukkah especially when I add in some Jewish cookbooks and craft books. Worcester Public Library has a handful of books on Kwanzaa and even a couple on observing the Winter Solstice; but after that I have a problem. Does anyone know of any in print books on other religions' holidays. It doesn't have to be just winter holidays; something covering a year of holidays would be fine. Ideally I would like books with bright covers inexpensive enough that I could buy multiple copies ( I know I' asking for a lot; but I'll settle for less.) Also does anyone know of anything on winter carnivals or snow festivals?


Jackie said...

I like to put the holiday material into a display the week of Thanksgiving as well. I know crafters want holiday books far in advance.
Can't help you with snow festival books.

Ping said...

Maybe try 'Hurray for Today: All About Holidays.' I found it on Amazon; don't know what it's like in real life. By the way, it's a Cat in the Hat book.

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