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Monday, November 05, 2007

Audiobook collection at WPL

The Worcester Public Library's audiobook collection contains audiobooks on cd, cassette and playaways. As we all know, library materials with more than one piece can be a problem, especially with cds and cassettes. If you see that an audiobook is in "repair" status, please do not place a hold on it because it is not a guarantee that the broken cd or cassette will be replaced. Some titles we are not able to order replacements for or the condition of the title as a whole does not warrant replacing one part. In addition, I am sure it is helpful to all who are in charge of audiobooks if the patron tells us which cd or cassette is not working, write it down and put it on the cover of the case to let us know what the problem is. Some problems are not always visible.

Let's encourage patrons to use audiobooks while doing activities other than just driving or exercising. I enjoy them while doing housework, cooking, baking, knitting, sewing,and some nights I am just too tired to hold a book so I sit and listen while I pet the cats. I am sure I am not the only one with more than one pet who wants attention and audiobooks are a great way to free up both hands to pet two animals. Are there parents who say they are going on a long car trip? Encourage them to try audiobooks with their children in the car. It is an activity everyone can participate in. I have revisited some terrific titles that way and enjoyed some new childrens books as well. My son enjoys them so much he will often stay in the car listening while I get the mail- and then requests that we bring it inside to listen. For younger new listeners suggest a title that has been made into a movie that the child may have seen and will be familiar with, or a book that they may have had read to them that they enjoyed.

As we encourage patrons to listen more, let's also encourage them to handle audiobooks with care. It is extremely frustrating to have a disc or cassette not work when you are well into the book. Happy Listening!

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