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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Workforce Central

More and more patrons are searching this site for job postings.
Many think they must establish an e-mail account and/or give a social security number. Both are false.
I called the Worcester branch office and asked what is the easiest way to see available positions.
There are five simple steps:

2.Click JobQuest-bottom right hand corner of the page.
3.Click JobQuest again-top right hand corner of the page.
4.Enter a zip code.
5.Scroll down to view job listings.

New positions are posted every Monday.
The majority of those seeking employment just want to see what kinds of jobs are out there.
I find this to be the least frustrating approach for those who have so much to contend with.
Walk the job seeker through it. Believe me, they are the most grateful of patrons.

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