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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How about renting Textbooks?

Due to the rotten economy, more and more students are unable to afford the rising cost of textbooks. The number of library customers looking to borrow textbooks for their course work is mounting. Unfortunately as libraries, we are unable to invest in textbooks for various reasons. To name a few, they disappear from the shelves at an amazing rate, customers who need them tend to hoard them selfishly till the end of the semester and before you know it the current edition gets outdated.

Still, don’t despair yet - your customers do have other options! Online companies that rent textbooks have sprouted up recently. Books can be obtained for a fraction of the price! Different kinds of rental plans are available to students who might be interested in the book for a month, a semester or more. Encourage your students to rent a book, save some cash and better yet - save a tree!

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