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Thursday, July 16, 2009

WATS for Reference

In an effort to expedite response to WATS calls, WPL's e-mail reference team will be checking the Regional Reference toll-free phone several times a day to be sure no question is delayed in being answered.
Our e-mail reference (left side of our webpage "Ask a Librarian") is always available to all libraries and their patrons. We find e-mail to be the most efficient method because there is less chance of error in understanding when the request is in writing, and you can make the message as long as you like. We strive for quick turn around on e-mail requests.
For libraries in our calling area, our TIS line (508-799-1655, option #3) is the quickest way to reach our reference staff.
24/7 is a national reference service, and except for the ten hours per week when WPL is online (usually 4-7 P.M. but not always), you are likely to be communicating with a librarian in another state. They will assist whomever contacts them (just as we do here) but local questions create a problem.

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