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Monday, June 22, 2009

A New Kind of Radio Station

I just posted a blog this morning, but I couldn't wait to share this with music lovers.

My neice showed me how this site works in a matter of minutes.

" Everyone knows about it, and my friends all use it."

Dinosaur that I am, it's all new to me.

Pandora is to music as "if you like this book" is to Amazon.

By creating your own stations, it chooses like songs and artists.

You can accept or reject a particular song or artist at any time.

You can build up several of your own stations, and an extensive faq's page guides you along.

You may already have enjoyed Pandora, but for someone who used to carry around a transistor radio,this is HUGE!


Micah Levine said...

If you've got Windows Vista, another great feature of Pandora is that you can add it as a "gadget" on your sidebar so you don't even have to open your web browser. It'll even start playing automatically on start up.

Anonymous said...
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