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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Library Cards

I was at a training for new staff a few months ago. I vaguely remember something about cards being issued so we could access some of the reference resources that are specific to Worcester Public Library. Did I understand correctly? If so, how do we obtain a card?


Jane said...

You heard correctly. I just created a post on this which has more information. These cards area being created and will be sent to public and school member libraries this coming month. Other libraries may request a card if they feel that the databases would be useful to their patrons. You can e-mail me at As the post says these are only for use by your staff on your computers and the numbers cannot be given to patrons for home use.

APL said...

That sounds like a great tool. Thanks for making it available!

dmarie said...

This will be a great tool for us.

CMRLS Regional Reference Center, Worcester Public Library, 3 Salem Sq, Worcester MA 01608