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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

E-Learning with AARP
I admit it.
I read the AARP magazine every month. Before I turned fifty, I gave the magazine to "older friends." They could use the advice...I was not of age.
I have grown older and a little wiser. The monthly issues are looking pretty good.
We even attended a national convention they sponsored in Las Vegas.
We were there for a wedding at the same time...honest.
Which leads me into the reason for posting this blog.
An article in the January/February issue featured a guide to learning on line
Some of the best and mostly free learning sites are listed.
AARP made mention of this website in the article:
Dan Colman, who directs Stanford University’s continuing studies program, sees no end to the growth of e-learning opportunities. Colman, who founded and edits Open Culture, a website that tracks free educational and cultural media on the Web, considers these materials to be an important resource for personal enrichment, not a replacement for a college education. “I think we’re entering an era where lifelong learners will have access to limitless amounts of free, noncommercial educational opportunities. Arguably, we’re already there."

76 million baby boomers may be reading The AARP Magazine.
One is never too old, or too young to take a look at it.
What I can't figure out is how my 21 year old son gets his own monthly copy!

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