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Thursday, October 08, 2009

This inexpensive reference book will come in handy when those cyber-savvy students begin their college search via the Internet. It lists a ton of useful websites related to college education. It alerts you to pages you should bookmark as a favorite, and provides warnings about sites with heavy graphics.

The booklet starts with web resources on how to gather information about colleges, and goes on to list links for college rankings, campus tours, financial aid, scholarships and E-campus bookstores. There is also a section on standardized tests, online applications, online schools, essays and interviews. It even lists sites on campus safety, college news, and distance education. This book would be a useful tool to those Internet savvy students who spend a lot of time online.

Check out at the Worcester Public Library!
ISBN: 9781575091273 (pbk.)
Cost: $12.00

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Centennial College said...

Nice Reference !

Thanks for it !

Student of Canadian college

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