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Monday, September 28, 2009

Digital Bookmobile

In March I wrote about the Special Library Association’s 23 Things Initiative proposing you spend 15 minutes a day or an hour a week exploring and learning about new technologies. While I haven’t quite done that, I have made an effort to pay attention to mentions of various, relevant, technologies in order to keep current. The recent visit of the Overdrive Digital Bookmobile to the Auburn Public Library was a great opportunity for librarians and the public to learn more about some of the digital resources available to CWMARs cardholders. The digital collection of e-books, e-audiobook and videos is a great resource, but difficult to market due to its abstract nature and variety of formats. While actually downloading materials at the Digital Bookmobile was not an option, there were a variety of electronic devices on display with helpful staff available to answer questions. I recommend visiting the Digital Bookmobile if it comes around again. In the meantime, according to this article you can link to, it looks as if we might be able to go to the nearest Best Buy to experiment with a few of these devices.

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