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Monday, March 30, 2009

If you haven't gotten the bug yet...

The amazing resources in Boston will convert you! Last Thursday, the bus full of Central Mass genealogists journeyed along the sunlit expanse toward Boston. Once we were on the way, I exclaimed "I'm going to Boston! I'm going to Boston!" Clearly, I don't get out much. The digs at The New England Historic Genealogical Society (HisGen) and The Congregational Library were gorgeous:


HisGen is one of the consummate New England genealogical resources. They house an impressive breadth of vital and other records. Each of their staff has areas of specialization, boasting in depth knowledge of Pilgrim, Irish and French Canadian genealogy. One of their staff studies matrilinear genealogy. They are accessed by a membership donation and also online:

On our way from Newbury Street and up Beacon Hill, we walked right past where the other half lives. The landscapers were out, and as a self-proclaimed architectural aficionado, I walked down the street looking up and going "Wow! Wow!"

The Congregational Library,, also has a beautiful physical presence. The main hall brings to mind an old-fashioned reading room. The archive and library are a treasure trove for those of us with Congregational roots. The collection has profited from the gifts of an early benefactor, S. Brainard Pratt, who donated his collection of more than 300 bibles. The display room of his bible collection is what he named the "Biblearium." With this and his scrapbook of correspondence and pictures from his acquisitions Pratt created a unique historical resource.

The brisk Spring Boston afternoon greeted us outside of The Congregational Library and we tooled home, all of us overstimulated and sated.

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Anonymous said...

Did You know that S. Brainard Pratt was a member of HisGen. Everyting comes together in Boston.

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