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Friday, May 23, 2008

Rotten Tomatoes: Movies Reviews and Previews

Don't let the name of this web site fool you ( In the world of movie reviews and trivia, it is anything but rotten. In fact, it is what companies like Midwest Tapes use to rate the selections that librarians will ultimately choose from. Below is taken from the web site:ABOUT ROTTEN TOMATOES
Like most of you, we love movies … all kinds of movies. Whether it's the latest sci-fi mindbender, visual effects romp, or intimate and personal character-driven independent film, we're there front and center. Life before RT and our Tomatometer was fairly tough when it came to organizing weekends of movie watching at the local cineplex. Sure, we could rely on our local critics or word of mouth, but where was the consensus? Why should we rely on a single critic who may have a particular taste in film different from ours? Couldn't we organize and collect all of the reviews from a variety of sources (newspaper, online, magazines) and average them into a single score? We could and did.

Over 7 million readers each month use RT globally as a dependable, objective resource for coverage of movies and DVD. With more than 250,000 titles and 850,000 review links in its ever-growing database, RT offers a fun and informative way to discover the critical reaction on movies neatly summarized via the Tomatometer.


terry popek said...

Am I reading your post the wrong way? Was there a website to go to to get these reviews? What is it?


veronica said... is the name of the website. Sorry for the confusion.

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