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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New and Beautiful

Have you seen "The Asia Book" and "The Africa Book" published by Lonely Planet? These beautiful books pose an interesting dilemma. The spectacular and fascinating color photographs, lists of unforgettable tourist experiences and random facts, and information on the best time to visit and local festivals seem to make these books items for the circulating travel collection. But the brief paragraphs of information on the landscape, economy, and religious and ethnic breakdown for each country on the continent is almost enough information is almost enough material to put these volumes on the reference shelf.
The photographs are different from the ones that appeared in Lonely Plnet's 2004 "Travel Book" and the price and size are both less overwhelming. I'm hoping that Lonely Planet goes on to do the remaining continents of the world.
Incidentally, Worcester Public library has put both "The Asia Book" and "The Africa Book" in the circulating collection.

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