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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Football Websites

Now that football season is in full swing, I'd like to point out a few interesting sites that are informative and fun to explore. The official site of the National Football League is

This is probably the best place to find complete statistics, game recaps, and all the most important stories pertaining to pro football. There are regular columns written by some of the sport's most knowledgeable writers, great action photos from the week's games, many video clips of outstanding highlights from recent contests, and loads of other special features. You could spend hours surfing this site.

Another good site is Although not as colorful or flashy as the N.F.L. site, there's quite a variety of interesting material to be found here as well. There's in-depth coverage of individual players, a lot of N.F.L. news, analysis, and stats by a team of experts, along with extensive coverage of the fantasy football phenomenon and predictions for next week's games. Give it a try.

For the fan that enjoys football history, give a try. It's a fascinating site that delves into a tremendous amount of historical facts and stats for all of the pro teams, past and present. The site gives the all-time records of all the players who ever played pro football, along with information on all the coaches as well as how each team played from year to year since the league was created. If you're a real fan, you can lose yourself for days in this site.

In a future blog I will discuss a few of the best college football sites, but for now, try these and see what you think.

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